Mantis Open STEM Sensors

Mantis Open STEM Connects to Scratch

The Mantis Open STEM family of sensors is able to connect to Scratch. The sensor data is availble to Scratch in real time.


The Mantis Climate Sensor tracks air temperature, humidity, pressure, and sunlight intensity for the day or for several months! Having the weather station running in the classroom opens up a conversations about meteorology topics.


The wireless Bluetooth connection allows Climate Sensor to be placed in sealed jars, refrigerators, etc. to perform experiments to observe how our atmosphere behaves in accordance with the gas laws.


The Mantis Modi is an accelerometer, gyrometer, and distance sensor. Its small size and wireless connection make it ideal to run motion experiments.

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Climate Sensor Activities and Lesson Plans

Modi Activities and Lesson Plans


Latest version: 2.1.4
A Flash enable browser is required.
Click on the link for your operating system to start the download


  1. Run the .msi installer
  2. Click on Mantis icon on the desktop to start the app
  3. Close the command window to stop the app. Important: you must stop the app before starting it again.


  1. Unzip the package to your Applications folder
  2. Click on the Mantis icon to start the app
  3. You can place the app in your dock for convenience
  4. Close the java icon in the dock to stop the app. Important: you must stop the app before starting it again.

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